Some Tips When Purchasing Pre-Owned Equipments

Does your office need a new printer? Maybe you don’t have the money to purchase a brand new printer but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get one. A second hand equipment can save you money and work just as well. In order to get a good refurbished office printer, you need to know what to look for. You can also ask the people on this online shop for advice on used printer and photocopier. Here is your guide to purchasing the right office printer.

excellent condition used xerox photocopiers
excellent condition used xerox photocopiers


Determine How the Printer was Used
Scuffs and scrapes aren’t an issue for most used equipments. A little bit of cosmetic damage will occur with any office equipment. What matters is damage to sensitive areas and the amount of use the printer has seen.

Look at cosmetic damage in order to determine if any sensitive areas such as the paper feeder or scanner have been damaged. If so, make sure that the device is fully functioning and parts aren’t loose.

As for the amount of copies, most printers have an odometer of sorts on them. You can view this to determine exactly how many pages the printer has handled. Compare these numbers to the life expectancy of the printer. Depending on the usage, an older machine might actually be a better option. See another interesting read about Electronics Kit Life Cycle.

Determine Cleanliness Of The Printer
For some it may seem odd to determine the cleanliness of the printer. It can just be cleaned? Right? Kind of. The cleanliness of the printer will help you determine how well the previous owner cared for the unit. A well cared for unit will be clean both inside and out.

Open the equipment up and inspect the interior of the printer. You should never trust someone who won’t allow you to inspect the printer. If buying online, make sure that there are plenty of interior photos provided. A lack of photos could be a bad sign but you can always request more.

There are two main things that you are looking for on the inside of the printer. Dust and toner. Dust is an obvious sign that the printer isn’t cared for but toner outside of the toner cartridge is an even worse sign. It is a bad omen of two fold. First, it will show you that the previous owner didn’t bother to clean the unit. Second, it could indicate that there is a toner leak somewhere in the unit. You also might like to read about The Future of Electronic Kits.

Certified Refurbished Devices Are Better
Buying refurbished appliances might make you uneasy but when the printer is certified you have an extra level of protection. This means that the printer is inspected by a professional and all the parts are working. Depending on the company certification might mean different things so don’t be afraid to ask what a company what their certification process is.

Choosing a certified refurbished gadgets might cost you a little more but you have the advantage of knowing an expert has inspected each part. This is great in addition to your own inspection of the unit.

It should also be known that most certified rebuilt printers come with a better guarantee or warranty. The exact terms can be found on a company’s website or information packet. For factory certified second hand machines check out these Second hand desktop computers – Find Great Deals.

Consider Purchasing A Warranty
While many rebuilt equipments come with a warranty, it isn’t that extensive and it doesn’t last long. Consider buying an extended warranty that adds another level of protection to your expensive purchase of a printer. The manufacturer or retailer will often offer warranties, especially on certified products.

A handful of external “insurance” companies offer extended product warranties, even on refurbished items. Don’t be afraid to shop around before you purchase your printer and know your warranty options. A good aftermarket warranty can help you to save money in maintenance in the long run.

Many times a simple repair can end up costing you more than the price of the restored apparatus. A warranty helps to prevent that, but only if your warranty covers everything and extends long enough. This is especially important on printers that are used a lot, as more pressure is placed on them to perform.

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Take all of these factors into mind when looking to purchase a reconditioned printer. There are plenty of options on the market and you can save yourself or your company a fair amount of money by not buying new. Make sure to research the various models and companies that you look at so that you know you are buying a quality unit.

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