About Us

Welcome to Stampsinclass.com! This blog website is about electronics.
We love electronics! Not just electronics but different types that are used for all sorts of gadgets, projects, computers, robots, music production and a lot of other things. Now a days a lot of work that is done by a professional service technician is in the modular level and not the component level.
My own definition of an electronic module, it is an electronic circuit that will receive an input, process it and will produce an output. A module can also be a plugin. A module is made up of small and big electronic components. An example of a module is a power supply. Let’s say a computer power supply. You can buy a computer power supply or PSU(power supply unit) and connect it to a computer. If a PSU fails or malfunction you can choose to either repair it or replace it with a brand new one. If you can fix the PSU, that means you can fix component level. If not you can still fix the computer by buying a brand new computer power supply and install it to the broken computer. Now you can say you fixed the computer in modular level.

If you understood what i just talked about, You agree with me that even if we can repair on a modular level, it will be very good if you know how to repair an electronic gadget on it’s component level.

About this website. We will put up or publish materials about both component and modular level type of topics.
We love electronics. I hope to update this website as much as i can, because i’m busy as well, just like everyone else.
So keep checking back here and Have a wonderful time surfing the internet! Bye for now 🙂