3D Printer Kit? or Assembled 3D Printer

Many people have color printers in their homes. There is nothing new for them to buy a printer and reduce the documents, pictures, etc. In their turn, 3D printers significantly change the user experience. Nowadays, we are able not just to print 2D images, but also 3D things. The printing experience expands into three dimensions. It gives a lot of opportunities to create some simple things instead of buying it. You can easily print out the wine rack, kids toy, cup, or even your iPhone chassis.

custom assembled 3D printer
custom assembled 3D printer


When you decide to get a 3D printer, you will have a choice. First, you can get a fully assembled device. Second, you can buy the 3D printer kits and assemble the device yourself. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. What to choose? It depends on your preferences. In the article, we will give some tips to make your choice easier.

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3D Printer Kits

Let’s start with 3D printer kits. You get separate details and have to assemble the advice through instruction. What are the pros?

  • The final price can be significantly lower as you do not pay for assembling.
  • You have a great opportunity to learn more about 3D printing while assembling your device.
  • If anything wrong happens, you can fix the issue yourself.

However, there are some cons:

  • It may take a lot of time to find all the necessary details and assemble the printer.
  • You may acquire some background knowledge to get the correct details and make everything right.

Assembled 3D Printers

When you buy an assembled printer, it is ready to use out of the box. Let’s consider some pros:

  • You do not spend the time to assemble the printer as it is completely ready to use.
  • To start, you have to turn it on, get the software, and start working.
  • Most printers control the bed level that guarantees the printing of high quality.
  • The assembled printers provide a more stable temperature that improves the quality of printing.

What about the cons of this option? Let’s see.

  • As the printer is enclosed, to fix the problem you may require a technician.
  • You get much less knowledge using the assembled printer than when you assemble it yourself.
  • Usually, they assembled the printer is more expensive.

So what option should you choose? It highly depends on what you are interested in. If you like learning something new and are a do-it-yourself person, then choose the 3D printer kits. Of course, it will take you more time to get the result. You will also have to spend more time. But as a result, you will learn how the system works and will be able to fix the issues yourself. Those who are not ready to spend time alone in how to build a printer should get an assembled device. In that case, all you need is just unpack the printer, turn it on, and start working.